Songs of Zion by Diane Britton Dunham
Decoration Day by Diane Britton Dunham


GULLAH-CREOLE is the term created by the artist to best describe the art she creates.  Ms. Dunham’s work blends elements of her colorful ancestral Louisiana roots with the rich Gullah culture of the Sea Islands. This explains the vibrancy and exotic settings you find in her work.

Surrounded by this fascinating history for most of her life, led to research into her own genealogy where she began to discover many commonalities between those of the Sea Islands and that of her own Louisiana roots.

The Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor.  Designated by Congress in 2006, extends from Wilmington, North Carolina in the north to Jacksonville, Florida in the south.

Diane’s art encompasses the Gullah Corridor, however influences continue past Jacksononville, Florida, to Lousiana.

She has also studied the Caribbean Connection which is apparent in the style of art that many African American artists practice.


Beach Blues by Diane Britton Dunham
Zipporah by Diane Britton Dunham
Country Quilts by Diane Britton Dunham